About favattic

favattic is the simple solution to collect bookmarks and links organized – for you or together with colleagues. Founded in Hamburg in 2015, we now work remotely from Hamburg, Tallinn and Bangkok. Of course, we collect our team links with Favattic – they are now our to-do list, work instructions, mental support and our personal reference book.

Our Goal

Together, we pursue the goal of making everyday work easier for millions of Internet users and solving problems that are not supposed to be there.

This is how the Idea of favattic was born

The idea of Favattic was born, more than ten years ago. The founder, Payam Vassighi, was at that time a senior IT specialist of a large international corporation. He was responsible for the information systems used by 65,000 employees worldwide on a daily basis. Despite the highly praised IT system landscapes, it turned out that the small everyday problems are those things that causes a lot of lost of productivity. For example, many employees wasted too much time organizing and retrieving information researched online, so that it could be used uncomplicatedly way at a later date. Word documents with unclear link lists or the time-consuming new Internet research were often the unsatisfactory result.

Small Tool, High Effect

The everyday problems of the 65,000 people, was the point of inspiration of Favattic. A simple online tool that organizes many links and bookmarks easily and clearly and allows you to find them quickly. An innovation on the market! After a successful test run with his employees, Payam ventured into self-employment with the Favattic team.

Who we are

We are a technology company specializing in efficient information collection and secure information exchange in the form of links and bookmarks. Our founders and our team come from the fields of IT, human resources and design.

Payam Vassighi

Product Development

Diplom-Informatiker (FH) with more than 16 years of experience as a software developer, IT project manager and head of department with a focus on information and collaboration systems.

Manuela Vassighi

Strategy & Marketing

Graduate business economist with 7 years of experience in the B2B and B2C sector, with a special focus on personnel and information management.

Oliver Misch


Graduate computer scientist with more than 16 years of experience as senior software developer and architect in the field of enterprise applications.

Marvin Ahmadi

Web & Graphic Design

Already at school he was enthusiastic about graphic and web design, now handles it alongside with his studies in computer science at Favattic.

Leon Ahmadi

Web & Graphic Design

Computer science student at the University of Hamburg with extensive experience in web development and graphic design.